Khamis, 8 November 2012

a short vacation...:)

last week, me n my friend plan some vacation n we go to 'TANAH AINA' in Pahang. 
for me it juz a reward for my brain n body ..
they always with me 24 pity they r...:)))

so i give them some relaxing tyme..
and i hope it will be the best vacation ever since last tyme we had a vacation in 2010..
all the activity is provide by tanah aina crew..
 we had jungle tracking (like it damly much)
we had river tracking (not really like coz i have a senstf skin)
n we use their facilities as much as we usual "we paid for it ryte??"hehehehe

what i want to tell u is, what happen along our journey to there..
when we entered 'pekan bentong' i juz noticed that many people on the streets while look at someone house..
as a passenger, so i can investigate (hehehehe) throught my eyes..hahahaha
i see a police car..and i tell my friend "eh,npe de orang kena bunuh ke?"
it juz suddenly came out from my pokpekpokpek mouth..:/
n to be positive i juz said that myb someone body died and they found it...
so we juz let it b n continue our journey...

safely arrived at tanah aina n be proud as a co-pilot...hehehe
the environment of nature...subhanallah it was the best place for relaxing our mind...:)..
n the best place for a couple yang baru kawin...coz they have honeymoon suite..hehehehe..

but the best thing is, i have to do some review from all my note since i have to submit my resensi n also my research report...(xbpe rehat sgt la kn)hehehehe
since i can't go in to air sungai coz my 'gegata' so i made a cup of nescafe 3 in 1 that they provide..hehehe..while i read all the note...this is the student life..hehehe
n when i read a new paper that morning, with one glance imy eyes was stuck at a new "pegawai kerajaan mati dibunuh , isteri dirogol" happen at the house that we c last day..mengucap panjang...n how i feel this world n this country r not safe scared if i think about it..huhuhu...
''semoga Allah melindungi kita semua..."

so after 2 days we berkampung kt 12 o'clock in the afternoon we drive back to KL...hehehe..bye2 tanah aina..hope to c u when musim buah r come..hehehe...durian hopefully!! heheheh...

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Azeqa berkata...

Alah ciannye die kena gegata hehe.. Alah uploadlah gambar lagi... :)

*@t!q@h* berkata...

hehehhe...gatalllll sangat knnn..heheheheh...gmabr??? x transfer lg sbnye..hehehee..later on k..tanah aina episod 2.. :)