Khamis, 15 November 2012

angan-angan mungkin jadi kenyataan... :)

a few week before this, i do my research about all the top university in new zealand. this is the 4 university that i choose n they provide linguistics...
i wish n doa that i can entered one of it..:)

really hope that i can finish my MA ASAP..
before 2014... they give me 4 years to finish my MA.. 
but i really hope that i can end it before 2014, thats mean i'm study 2 years only...
"dari angan-angan,mungkin jadi kenyataan"

n sempena maal hijrah..
Allah give us the best memory that abang get the offer letter from UKM..
means, abang are now working under!!
n some how ayah told us that he pray one of us can enter the gov's easy katenye... :))

me?? i'm so proud of abang n i like to hear his salery at the new place..
quite higher..higher then umi n me...
so abang have to say bye2 to BANK ISLAM...

i'm hepi for him n after he opened the letter, i juz said that "myb rezeki nak kawin kot??"hahahahah
so abang boleh kawin dh!! atlast we have our kenduri at our house..atlast..asek tgk orang je kn..hehehehe

but i'm quite sad coz, suddenly its remind myself that ''aku takde perubahan ke??macam ni je ke??''
myb my sadness face was 'nmpak kejelasannya' n my adik said that "jangan sedih, insyaAllah rezeki ko ade nanti..sabar je"
umi said " insyaAllah mana tau rezeki akak kat tempat lain..rezeki ni kita tak tau...mana tau dapat g sambung oversea??" 
amin... i hope n really pray for it.. :)))...insyaAllah,rezeki Allah takkan ada sesiapa yang boleh gapai tanpa kehendak-Nya.. so sabar n do the best!! Fighting!!! jia yok!!! al the best!! :)))

university of canterbury

Victoria university

university of waikato

university of otogo

Khamis, 8 November 2012

a short vacation...:)

last week, me n my friend plan some vacation n we go to 'TANAH AINA' in Pahang. 
for me it juz a reward for my brain n body ..
they always with me 24 pity they r...:)))

so i give them some relaxing tyme..
and i hope it will be the best vacation ever since last tyme we had a vacation in 2010..
all the activity is provide by tanah aina crew..
 we had jungle tracking (like it damly much)
we had river tracking (not really like coz i have a senstf skin)
n we use their facilities as much as we usual "we paid for it ryte??"hehehehe

what i want to tell u is, what happen along our journey to there..
when we entered 'pekan bentong' i juz noticed that many people on the streets while look at someone house..
as a passenger, so i can investigate (hehehehe) throught my eyes..hahahaha
i see a police car..and i tell my friend "eh,npe de orang kena bunuh ke?"
it juz suddenly came out from my pokpekpokpek mouth..:/
n to be positive i juz said that myb someone body died and they found it...
so we juz let it b n continue our journey...

safely arrived at tanah aina n be proud as a co-pilot...hehehe
the environment of nature...subhanallah it was the best place for relaxing our mind...:)..
n the best place for a couple yang baru kawin...coz they have honeymoon suite..hehehehe..

but the best thing is, i have to do some review from all my note since i have to submit my resensi n also my research report...(xbpe rehat sgt la kn)hehehehe
since i can't go in to air sungai coz my 'gegata' so i made a cup of nescafe 3 in 1 that they provide..hehehe..while i read all the note...this is the student life..hehehe
n when i read a new paper that morning, with one glance imy eyes was stuck at a new "pegawai kerajaan mati dibunuh , isteri dirogol" happen at the house that we c last day..mengucap panjang...n how i feel this world n this country r not safe scared if i think about it..huhuhu...
''semoga Allah melindungi kita semua..."

so after 2 days we berkampung kt 12 o'clock in the afternoon we drive back to KL...hehehe..bye2 tanah aina..hope to c u when musim buah r come..hehehe...durian hopefully!! heheheh...