Rabu, 5 Januari 2011

to 'you' whom will lead my life towards Jannah in the future.

you don't have to drive any BMW or Mercedes or Skyline to be gorgeous. be an imam. that's how i define gorgeous. you don't have to have nice voice and hush me with lovely songs to woo me. recite the kalamullah. that's how i'd melt. you don't have to be rich for me to love you. have a kind heart. that's more than enough. nobody's perfect. you are nobody. so you are more than perfect for me.

found this on fara's blog. it made me smile. so true.
i know you're still somewhere out there.
save your love for me. i'm doing the same for you. :)

3 ulasan:

naughtynana! berkata...

comel kn ni kak iqa???? :'DD

*@t!q@h* berkata...

yup...tersangatla comelnye...hehhe...akk copy takpe kn???best kate2 dia..=)

naughtynana! berkata...

xpe! copyy laa :DDD